Tolstoy on What is Art?

This WORSHIP QUOTE OF THE WEEK deals with the concept of "worth-ship," one of the root meanings of our modern word "worship."

The Christian ideal changed and reversed everything so that, as the gospel puts it, "That which was exalted among men has become an abomination in the sight of God." The ideal is no longer the greatness of Pharaoh or of the Roman emperor, nor the beauty of a Greek nor the wealth of Phoenicia, but humility, purity, compassion, love. The hero is no longer Dives, but Lazarus the beggar; not Mary Magdalene in the day of her beauty but the day of her repentance; not those who acquire wealth, but those who have abandoned it; not those who dwell in palaces, but those who dwell in catacombs and huts; not those who rule over others, but those who acknowledge no other authority but God's.

- Leo Tolstoy in "What Is Art?"


Lord, show us what is worthy. Show us who is worthy. Show us yourself.

Have a great week!

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