Furr and Price on the Dialogue of Worship

Today's Worship Quote is from a book by Gary Furr and Milburn Price. The authors, a pastor and a minister of music in a local church, present the metaphor of "dialogue" to describe the multifaceted nature of Christian worship.

The tapestry of worship is formed by the various threads of conversation that occur in interweaving fashion: God's Word being communicated to the gathered community (both individually and corporately), worshipers responding to God under the prompting of God's Spirit, and those same worshipers sharing with each other their understandings of their faith commitments and of the ways in which God is at work in their lives."

- Gary A. Furr and Milburn Price, The Dialogue of Worship: Creating Space for Revelation and Response (Macon, GA: Smyth & Helwys, 1998).


This is a delightful and insightful ninety-page book about the theology and practice of Christian worship. I recommend it highly.

Have a great week!

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White on a Definition of Corporate Worship

Today's Worship Quote is another definition of corporate worship, this time by the contemporary Methodist theologian James F. White. Here he stresses the human purpose in worship:

Called from the world, we come together, deliberately seeking to approach reality at its deepest level by encountering God in and through Jesus Christ and by responding to this awareness.

- James F. White, Introduction to Christian Worship, (Abingdon Press, 1980), as quoted in Don Hustad's Jubilate II: Church Music in Worship and Renewal, (Hope, 1993).


Reality at its deepest level! Responding to an awareness of God! How can we so often take worship so lightly?

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Carroll on the Response to Love

Worship is responding to God. Today's WORSHIP QUOTE is another that pictures our worship as a natural and appropriate response to the Lord's initiative of perfect love. The author is Joseph Carroll.

How To Worship Jesus Christ
By Joseph S. Carroll

"The Lord Jesus loves us with all His heart. He desires that we love Him with all our heart; and until we do, we will never know the sweetness of His love for us. We will have some faint concept but that is all. With how many people do we share the secrets of our heart and with whom do we share them? We will be intimate with the person we know loves us, the person we know is committed to us, the person who has given himself or herself to us, and with none besides. It is so with our Lord. There must be response of love to love."

- Joseph S. Carroll, How to Worship Jesus Christ, Moody Press, 1984, p. 30.


This is why solid biblical preaching is so important to the worship life of the church. We worship best when we are fully aware of God's holiness, our sin, and the amazing grace that is available to us through faith in Jesus Christ.

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