Hustad on Worship and Relationship

Today's Worship Quote is another that points not to forms of worship, but to worship as an appropriate loving relationship with God (and with others). The author is Donald Hustad.

How do we minister to and worship God in spirit and truth? Jesus gave us an answer as he quoted words from the Torah which every Jew of his time knew from memory: "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength"; then he added, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Mark 12:30-31). Worshiping God and loving God are not absolutely synonymous, but they are closely related, perhaps like opposite sides of a continuous circle. This great commandment says that true worship is determined not so much by the words "traditional" or "contemporary," but by relationship – our relationship with God and our relationship with other persons. Worshiping God begins and ends with loving God more than anything or anyone else in the world. It should be apparent then that no person worships God who does not have a love relationship with God. Further, no person worships God acceptably who is not in loving relationship with other human beings, who are "neighbors."

Don Hustad in True Worship: Reclaiming the Wonder and Majesty, Harold Shaw Publishers, 1998.


Lord, thank you for being the initiator of this loving relationship of worship. Help us to respond to your love in spirit and truth. Amen!

Have a great week!

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Webber on Divine Action in Worship

Today's Worship Quote is from Robert Webber, late theology professor at Wheaton College, in Wheaton, Illinois.

In worship there is divine action. In our celebration of Christ, something happens. There is an action from above: the Holy Spirit delivers Christ and the benefits of Christ's death and resurrection to the worshipers.

In other words, in worship our relationship with Christ is established, maintained, and repaired. Christ meets us in our act of celebrating his death and resurrection. In this worship encounter, the Spirit brings us the very real benefits of Christ's death - salvation, healing, comfort, hope, guidance, and assurance. Through this encounter, order and meaning come into our lives. Through worship, a right ordering of God, the world, self, and neighbor is experienced, and the worshiper receives a peace that passes understanding. Simply put, worship is an it-is-well-with-my-soul experience.

-Robert Webber, Blended Worship: Achieving Substance and Relevance in Worship, (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers, 1996).

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Hustad on a Definition of Worship

"Worship is the expression of the Christian believer's relationship with God. However that relationship is very complex, since God is at one and the same time our Creator, Redeemer (through Jesus Christ), Sustainer, Indweller (by the Holy Spirit), Friend, and Judge. It helps to remember that we approach God individually as a created one, a redeemed one, a sustained one, an indwelt one, a befriended one, and a judged one."

-Don Hustad, in Jubilate II: Church Music in Worship and Renewal, Chapter 5, "The Nature of Christian Worship in Relation to Its Musical Expression," Hope Publishing Co., 1993.

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