Anselm on Desiring God

Today's Worship Quote is from St. Anselm. He served as Archbishop of Canterbury and is sometimes referred to as the "father of scholasticism." He may be most famous for his "ontological proof" - an attempt to prove by logic that God exists.

O Lord our God,
Grant us grace to desire you with our whole heart,
  that so desiring we may seek and find you;
  and so finding you; we may love you;
  and loving you, we may hate those sins from which you
    have redeemed us,
  for the sake of Jesus Christ. Amen.

- St. Anselm of Canterbury (1033-1109), Proslogion.


Lord, thank you for seeking us before we knew to seek after you. Thank you for loving us long before we ever loved you. Amen!

Have a great week!

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Tozer on a New Viewpoint

The Pursuit of God
By A. W. Tozer

He never went to be a Bible school, seminary or university, but his many writings consistently and powerfully direct the reader's attention to the amazing God who desires our love, devotion and worship. Today's WORSHIP QUOTE OF THE WEEK comes from the pen of A. W. Tozer. 

The moment we make up our minds that we are going on with this determination to exalt God overall, we step out of the world's parade... We acquire a new viewpoint; a new and different psychology will be formed within us; a new power will begin to surprise us by its upsurgings and its outgoings.

-A. W. Tozer, in THE PURSUIT OF GOD, Christian Publications, 1948. 


Lord, the world's parade has a powerful pull on our lives. Today, help me to be in step with your ways, to have a new viewpoint, that I may know you and exalt you overall. Amen!

Have a great week.

(Originally posted 6/2/1998)

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