J. I. Packer

Packer on The Lord's Prayer

Today's WORSHIP QUOTE OF THE WEEK is part of J.I. Packer's commentary on the first phrase of The Lord's Prayer.

"Were we left to ourselves, any praying we did would both start and end with ourselves, for our natural self-centeredness knows no bounds. Indeed, much pagan praying of this kind goes on among supposedly Christian people. But Jesus' pattern prayer, which is both crutch, road, and walking lesson for the spiritually lame like ourselves, tells us to start with God: for God matters infinitely more than we do. So "thy" is the keyword of the opening three petitions, and the first request of all is "hallowed (holy, sanctified) be THY NAME" - which is the biggest and the most basic request of the whole prayer. Understand it and make it your own, and you have unlocked the secret of both prayer and life.”

-- J. I. Packer, from Chapter 5 of I Want to be a Christian, Tyndale House Publishers, 1977.

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