Chrysostom on a Comprehended God

There is always more to discover about God. There is always more to understand about his character and actions that can help us to worship him as we should; but today's Worship Quote speaks to me about the mystery of God, the unknown aspects of our Creator and Redeemer.

A comprehended god is no god.

- St. John Chrysostom (345?-407)


St. John Chrysostom was one of the early Church Fathers. Born in Antioch, his name comes from the Greek, "golden-mouthed," on account of his eloquence. He spent six years as a monk in the mountains, but returned in 381 to Antioch, where he was ordained, and gained a reputation as the greatest orator of the Church. In 398 he was made Archbishop of Constantinople, where he carried out many reforms, but his reproof of vices moved the Empress Eudoxia (ruled 395-404) to have him deposed and banished (403). His body was brought to Constantinople and reburied with honour in 438.

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