This week's worship quote is another from the pen of author John Stott, rector emeritus of London's All Souls Church.


”It is of course a fact that people like to worship with their own kith and kin, and with their own kind, as experts in church growth remind us; and it may be necessary to acquiesce in different congregations according to language, which is the most formidable barrier of all. But heterogeneity is of the essence of the church, since it is the one and only community in the world in which Christ has broken down all dividing walls. The vision we have been given of the church triumphant is of a company drawn from "every nation, tribe, people and language," who are all singing God's praises in unison (Rev. 7:19). So we must declare that a homogeneous church is a defective church, which must work penitently and perseveringly towards heterogeneity."

--John Stott, ROMANS: GOD'S GOOD NEWS FOR THE WORLD (InterVarsity Press, 1994)

[Does that hit close to home for you? It does for me.] 
Have a great week! Chip