Lawrence on Worshiping All the Time

Today's Worship Quote of the Week comes from a letter that Brother Lawrence (17th century Carmelite monk) wrote to a woman who was overcome with the cares of life. He instructed her in "the practice of the presence of God."



In the midst of your work console yourself with Him as often as you can. During your meals and your conversations, lift your heart towards Him sometimes; the slightest little remembrance will always be very pleasant to Him. To do this you do not need to shout loudly. He is closer to us than we think.

We do not have to be constantly in church to be with God. We can make of our heart a prayer room into which we can retire from time to time to converse with Him gently, humbly and lovingly. Everyone is capable of these familiar conversations with God - some more, some less. He knows what our capabilities are. Let us begin: perhaps He is only waiting a generous resolve on our part. Take courage: we have little time left to live. You are almost sixty-four years old, and I am approaching eighty. Let us live and die with God! The sufferings will always be sweeter and more pleasant when we are with Him, and the greatest pleasure without Him will be cruel torture. May He be blessed by all. Amen."

-Brother Lawrence (c. 1611-1691) in The Practice of the Presence of God, translated by Robert J. Edmonson, Paraclete Living Library, 1984.


Lord, take my heart for a prayer room. Help me to practice your presence today. Amen!

Have a great week!

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