Edmunds on Faith Finding a Resting Place

"My Faith Has Found a Resting Place"

Here we have a few lines from one of the hymns of my youth. Not long ago, I heard this hymn sung at a funeral service -- no accompaniment, no harmony, just the simplicity of a solo voice. I was moved to tears.

My faith has found a resting place, not in device nor creed;
I trust the ever-living One, his wounds for me shall plead.
I need no other argument, I need no other plea,
It is enough that Jesus died, and that he died for me.
--- Lidie H. Edmunds, c. 1891

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It seems we are tempted to put our faith in a host of things other than work
of Christ on the cross. Some have even placed faith in faith itself, or in a
search for fulfillment or even in a worship style or philosophy. Lord, save
us from cheap substitutes!

Have a great week!

(Originally posted 3/12/1996)

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