Schaeffer on How Life Speaks Louder

Greater than our hearts
By Ulrich Schaffer

Today's WORSHIP QUOTE is a short psalm, a prayer-poem about the need for honesty and authenticity in our relationship with God and others.  


Lord, be merciful,
shut me up
when my life
speaks so much louder
than my words.

When we blunder through life,
golden-throated and silver-spooned, 
bungling it all,
be merciful, Lord,
shut us up.

Let us feel our own lies.

Ulrich Schaffer, from GREATER THAN OUR HEARTS: PRAYERS AND REFLECTIONS, Harper & Row, 1981


Confession is telling God the truth about our sin. What an odd blessing when
our loving God uses the pain of our "blundering" and "bungling" to bring us
to our knees and draw us back into a proper relationship with him! I find it
interesting that the poet acknowledges both personal and corporate
"bungling." See Psalm 51 and Isaiah 1:10-18.

Have a great week.

(Originally posted 5/23/2000)

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