Barnes on the Silence of God

Today's WORSHIP QUOTE OF THE WEEK is a reminder of the important truth that God is God and we are not. "It is He that has made us and not we ourselves." (Psalm 100)

God is often silent when we prefer that he speak, and he interrupts us when we prefer that he stay silent. His ways are not our ways. To live with the sacred God of creation means that we conduct our lives with a God who does not explain himself to us. It means that we worship a God who is often mysterious-too mysterious to fit our formulas for better living. It means that God is not our best friend, our secret lover or our good-luck charm. He is God.


Our relationship with God often seems to be a balance or tension between God's clear voice and his silence, his closeness and his awesome holiness, his sweet and comforting imminence and his magnificent and mysterious transcendence.

Have a great week.

(Originally posted on 6/16/1998)

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