Best on the Call to Worship

What is a call to worship? Does the Christian really need a call to worship on Sunday mornings? Today's WORSHIP QUOTE by Harold Best presents a different slant on this regular part of Christian worship.

"There can only be one call to worship, and this comes at conversion, when in complete repentance we admit to worshiping falsely, trapped by the inversion [see note below] and enslaved to false gods before whom we have been dying sacrifices. This call to true worship comes only once, not every Sunday, in spite of the repeated calls to worship that begin most liturgies and orders of worship. These should not be labeled calls to worship, but calls to CONTINUATION of worship. We do not go to church to worship, but, already at worship, we join our brothers and sisters in continuing those actions that should have been going on-privately, familially, or even corporately-all week long."

-Harold Best, in MUSIC THROUGH THE EYES OF FAITH, chapter 7, "The Nature of
Worship, Faith, Grace, and Music Making," Harper Collins, 1993, p. 147.


The"inversion" - Best refers to the Fall in which Satan convinced Adam and Eve that they were capable of being like God. Well, here's your call to CONTINUED worship!

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