Calvin on the Privilege of Worship

Let us engrave this useful lesson upon our hearts, that we should consider it the great end of our existence to be found numbered among the worshipers of God; and that we should avail ourselves of the inestimable privilege of the stated assemblies of the church, which are necessary helps to our infirmity and means of mutual excitement and encouragement. By these, and our common Sacraments, the Lord who is one God, and who designed that we should be one in him, is training us up together in the hope of eternal life, and in the united celebration of his holy name.

—John Calvin (1509-1564), from his commentary on Psalm 52. You can find Calvin’s commentaries on the web at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library ( The volume that includes today’s quote is found at


[There are some very good reasons to go to church (and some poor reasons). Let us pray that the Lord would grant us the "inestimable privilege" of meeting together—for our help, excitement and encouragement—training us in the hope of eternal life, unifying us as we celebrate his holy name. Wow!]

Have a great week.

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