Piper on How Prayer is for God's Glory

Future Grace
By John Piper

We see that prayer is for God's glory. Paul says that when we pray through
Christ "our Amen [is] to the glory of God." "Amen" is the great affirmation
that God is the bountiful Giver and I am the needy receiver. Amen affirms
God's inexhaustible future grace to respond to our need in the very best way
for his glory and for our good. Prayer has the wonderful capacity to
highlight our emptiness and God's fullness at the same time. It is
wonderfully suited to express our inadequacy and God's all-sufficiency. When
prayer looks away from our flaws and deficiencies to God for his future
grace, he gets the glory he deserves and we get the good we need."

--- John Piper, from FUTURE GRACE, Chapter 7 "Looking Back for the Sake of
the Future," Multnomah Books, 1995, p. 107.

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