Hymn and Song Writing Seminar for Boyce College and Southern Seminary 2019

Sponsored by Ed and Sarah Fu and the Institute for Biblical Worship

April 26-27, 2019


SBTS and Boyce College student song/hymn writers will be chosen to have their original compositions evaluated and developed by two most prolific song writers…


The seminar will begin on Friday evening April 26 and end with a recording of the selected hymns on Saturday April 27.


Students who are currently enrolled in Boyce College or SBTS (Billy Graham School students) may submit two (2) hymns or songs to be considered for individual coaching seminars and recording.

Submission Rules and Information

Each student may submit no more than two, original, completed congregational hymns or songs.

*The works must be submitted through the biblicalworship.com website by Monday, April 15 at 5pm.

*Students must include lead sheets with lyrics. Chord charts only will NOT be accepted.

*The lyric content and musical elements of the songs/hymns must be written with congregational worship in mind. Both the lyrics and the music must be original. No re-tunings of older hymn texts allowed.

*No collaboration with other song writers allowed.

*Should your song/hymn be selected, you must agree to attend the seminar (April 26-27) in person.

* Winner picked by April 25