In this section of the IBW website, we will highlight a different worship order utilized in a local church context. Although many worship leaders may not refer to their own orders of service as liturgies, all churches gather around their own unique framework or order of service. Essentially, all churches follow a liturgy.

There will be some commonalities among all of the worship orders shared in this section. Those common threads include the following five areas:

  1. The worship orders are noticeably guided by and filled with Scripture.

  2. The orders reflect the biblical rhythm of worship–God’s revelation and then congregational response.

  3. Orders reflect God’s transcendence (otherness) first, then His immanence (nearness).

  4. Orders generally follow the shape and contour of the gospel of Jesus Christ (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation).

  5. Orders include songs and texts rich in biblical truth and theologically reflective of an accurate and scriptural view of God.

It is vital for worship leaders to realize that the devotional lives of the people in their congregations are significantly shaped by the way in which worship is designed, implemented, and led. People’s view of God is what’s at stake on Sunday mornings. Therefore, we hope the worship orders you’ll find in this part of the IBW website will provide helpful catalysts for shaping clear and accurate views of God as your congregation gathers around the gospel of Jesus Christ.