Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown Campus - 7/3/2016

This liturgy comes from the Sunday morning service on July 3, 2016 at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Downtown Campus in Minneapolis, MN. | Worship Pastor - Matthew Westerholm


Congregational Hymns of Worship
Alleluia Sing to Jesus by William Chatterton Dix
This I Believe by Fielding/Crocker

Prayer of Praise

You Are God by Farren/Kirk

Sermon: Psalm 29
The King of Glory / More sermons can be found at the Bethlehem Baptist Church website.

Service of Communion
The Bread
Instrumental Meditation
The Cup
He Will Hold Me Fast by Habershon/Merker

Song of Celebration
Forever by Johnson/Gifford/Wilson/Taylor/Jobe