Writing songs from Scripture

One way we at the Institute for Biblical Worship want to promote Christ-centered worship is by encouraging song writing for the church from the Scriptures. Below are reasons for writing and using songs from Scripture found at Abe and Liza Philips website. Check out their site and their music for more great content on writing songs from Scripture.

1. Songs and hymns from Scripture help us to better know and love God by meditating on His Word.

 2. What we sing shapes and expresses what we truly believe about God and what He has said.

3. To re-center our worship of God away from trite platitudes to the surprising, refreshing and deep honesty of God’s very words.

4. To come alongside biblical preaching and personal study to help correct the misunderstands we all sometimes have and to grow even more familiar with the words of the Bible.

Several resources have been especially helpful in considering writing and using songs from the Scripture and we believe they will be helpful for you and your ministry as well.

As mentioned above, Abe and Liza Phillips have written on this topic and have also written music used all over the country. You can find their music here.

Indelible Grace have been retuning old hymns for a long time and continue to serve churches with their love for rich, historic hymns. Their music and other resources can be found here.

Caroline Cobb writes about themes found in Scripture and traces those themes through the grand storyline of Scripture that all points to Jesus. Her newest album, A Home and Hunger: Songs of Kingdom Hope, “tells of exile and Eden, of restlessness and rest, and of God’s beautifully ‘upside-down’ kingdom.” Her music can be found here.

From Psalm based hymns, to songs on lament, to songs on large themes found in Scripture, Sandra McCracken has been writing music from the Scripture for the church for several years. Her music can be found here.

Wendell Kimbrough describes himself as a songwriter reimagining the Psalms for emotionally honest modern worship. He is a gifted artist who has been highly praised for his ability to write singable melodies to honest lyrics that will serve your church as you attempt to meditate on the Psalms. His music can be found here.

What other music from Scripture has been a blessing to you and your ministry? Comment below and let us know.